New “Behind OLED” Face ID Sensor Could Significantly Change iPhone Design

behind oled sensor iphone
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AMS, a company that supplies sensors to Apple for iPhone and iPad, has developed a new ambient light/proximity sensors that could eliminate the notch.

As reported by Reuters, dubbed “Behind OLED,” this new sensor can work from behind the screen and thus there would be no need to place the sensors in the notch.

Not much is known about the nascent technology as of now, but we know that if incorporated, it could bring a major revamp in the design of iPhones by increasing the screen-to-body ratio.

The newly developed sensor would not help Apple in achieving the completely bezel-less design as the notch houses eight different components, including an infrared camera, a dot projector, flood illuminator, a proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone and the front camera.

These components together constitute what Apple calls TrueDepth Camera and Facial recognition system.

However, this could be a major step towards minimizing the area acquired by the notch.

According to a statement by AMS, “By developing this ‘behind OLED’ ambient light/proximity sensor, AMS enables smartphone manufacturers to achieve the highest possible ratio of display area to body size. The TCS3701 [new proximity sensor] enables phone designers to take this trend to a new level, potentially eliminating the bezel entirely.”

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