TCL’s Foldable Phone Has Two Hinges And Folds Like A Ladies’ Wallet

TCL's foldable phone
Image: CNET

We have seen the various possible types of foldable smartphones: the ones that fold inwards and the ones that fold outwards. In addition to the list, we have a new foldable smartphone that has two hinges, to fold both inwards and outwards simultaneously.

TCL’s Foldable Phone With Two Hinges

According to a YouTube video by CNET, TCL has released a prototype for a new foldable smartphone that works slightly differently than the other existing ones present.

The foldable smartphone has two hinges instead of one and folds in a zig-zag manner. This folding scenario enables one inwards fold and one outwards fold.

When the device folds into three parts, it appears like an elongated ladies’ wallet.

On unfolding the phone, it gives rise to a large display, which is bigger than most of the other foldable smartphones have. While there isn’t any word on the screen size, it could be rated at 10-inch.

Here’s the video to see what the device is like:

Another thing about the display is that one part of it can still be used even when the other two parts are folded.

The smartphone has a quad-camera setup at the back, arranged horizontally. The one at the front is a single selfie camera.

Additionally, it has a USB Type-C port. However, we don’t know about other specs of the prototype foldable phone, not even the name!

Xiaomi Has A Similar One!

Back in January, Xiaomi teased a foldable smartphone that also had two hinges. However, the folds took place in one direction: that is the outwards direction.

Hence, Xiaomi’s device currently owns the title of the world’s first two-fold screen smartphone.

I Like TCL’s Foldable Phone!

When I saw the video, the TCL foldable phone impressed me. The way it is folded with ease, it makes me believe that foldable smartphones could be a feasible option in a couple of years.

The device provides more display room and its folding scenario appears convenient.

However, I don’t know if the foldable screen is durable enough or the two hinges are sturdy. I hope TCL works on the prototype and doesn’t produce another failed case of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

What are your thoughts on the TCL foldable phone? Comment below!

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