Life-Supporting Nitrogen Detected on Mars by NASA

mars n2
mars n2

mars-nitrogenNitrogen, an element considered to be a crucial one to sustain life on Earth, now has been discovered on our neighbor Mars, as per the findings of the NASA space rover Curiosity. Scientists have always speculated about the existence of life on planet Mars much before it did on earth and this report might just prove them right.

While the general perception about Life and its beginning revolves around Carbon and its compounds, and of course Oxygen, Nitrogen acts as a secret ingredient in continuing the circle of Life. Our genetic code inscribed in the DNA consists of macromolecules essentially formed of Nitrogen emphasizes on the vitality of the element in continuation of life as we know it.

SAM (Sample Analysis on Mars), the instrument onboard Curiosity analyzed the atmosphere of Mars taking the samples at three different points, thereafter detecting the presence of essential Nitrogen. The samples have been collected at a place called Sheepbed Mudstone and one is a general Martian dust. The analysis has led to the discovery of fixed forms of Nitrogen on Martian surface.

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Nitrogen in its fused gaseous form N2 is not usable for the purpose, but when it gets separated to form separate elemental Nitrogen N; it comes to use. This is known as fixed form of Nitrogen that the living organisms fundamentally utilize to harbor life.

Javier Martín-Torres co-author of the scientific manuscripts on the first detection of organics on Mars says:

It has been established that the nitrates, which is a form of nitrogen, comes from fixation of atmospheric diatomic nitrogen in the atmosphere during meteorite impacts, which is consistent with the data that we obtained through the SAM analyses, so this may be the main source of fixed nitrogen on Mars.

The findings come after the propositions of NASA that Mars could once had been covered in vast oceans. After Moon , Mars is the second celestial body that is most often fantasized to be inhabited or could be inhabited. Different space agencies like NASA and ISRO are now planning to send manned missions to Mars.

Could this finding provide backing for the supporters of colonization of MARS fanatics??

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