Pixel Watch FCC Filings Reveal Type-C Charging

FCC Filing Shows Pixel Watch And Apple Watch Have Some Things In Common
Image: Google

Google finally confirmed at I/O 2022 that it is indeed releasing its long-awaited Pixel Watch. The watch is confirmed to be coming this fall and is reminiscent of the Apple Watch, with a circular design.

Similarities between the Pixel and Apple Watch are the last thing you’d expect. However, it turns out the pixel watch is going to rock a build quality akin to the apple watch. It might even become the “go-to” android watch.

How are the pixel and apple watch similar?

FCC Filing Shows Pixel Watch And Apple Watch Have Some Things In Common
image credit: tagtech414(reddit)

An FCC filing, spotted by 9To5Google says Google has partnered with Taiwan’s Compal Electronics to manufacture parts of the Pixel Watch. It is a Taiwanese original design manufacturer that produces computers, monitors, and tablets for a variety of clients like Apple, Acer, Dell, and many more.

They’d be specifically handling the charging mechanism on the pixel watch. Compal Electronics are veteran manufacturers of the Apple Watch. Since the Apple watch has held up amazingly for all kinds of people over the years. We can expect the same from the upcoming watch from google.

According to a report from Gizmodo, The Pixel Watch could use the same magnetic-puck-to-USB-C charging cable as Apple. Though the exact match is yet to be known. The Apple Watch charges with a magnetic charger that connects to a USB-C cable that comes with every new device.

Google’s choice of USB-C isn’t very shocking. The connector is already in use in Google’s Pixel smartphones. However, other smartwatches charge a little differently. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 features a charging puck connected to USB-A. Samsung does it for better accessibility but it’s about time they switch to USB-C.

This particular move by google should result in fast charging, for the pixel watch. Since the ability to quickly top off the battery makes any gadget quite admirable, it can get the popularity it deserves. At the IO Google announced a plethora of products like the buds pro, and pixel 7 but the pixel watch is what the fans were most excited for.

Google’s upcoming watch looks like a solid product out of the gate, what do you think about it? Comment down below.

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