FSF To Discuss “How To Fight Facebook?” At Its Annual Conference

FSF To Discuss "How To Fight Facebook?" At Its Annual Conference
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The Free Software Foundation was previously in headlines for starting a petition to upcycle Windows 7. Now, the open-source community is hosting its annual conference, LibrePlanet, and one of their primary topics of discussion is, “How do you fight Facebook?”

Every year various activists and domain experts come together to attend LibrePlanet and discuss current “hot button issues” in technology. LibrePlanet 2020 will be hosted in Boston on March 14th and 15th. The theme of this year’s conference is “Free the Future.”

At the conference, experts will give their insights on how we should create a future rich with free software and “without network services that mistreat their users.” According to the Free Software Foundation, Facebook is clearly sitting at the top of that spectrum.

The foundation has several important topics for discussion this time, such as surveillance, software-driven cars, and digital currency, but it wishes to start with “How do you fight Facebook.”

“For each new technological convenience we gain, it seems that we lose even more in the process. To exchange intangible but vital rights to freedom and privacy for the latest new gadget can make the future of software seem bleak. But there is resistance, and it is within our capabilities to reject this outcome.”

When it comes to standing up against Facebook, the Free Software Foundation is not alone. Many, including Elon Musk, have voiced their concerns about the dangers of Facebook. Some people want Mark Zuckerberg to hand over Facebook to the Government, while several Facebook users are deleting their accounts due to growing privacy concerns.

Now, we can only wonder whether the folks attending the LibrePlanet conference in Boston will come up with a way to “fight Facebook” and “Free the Future.”

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