KickassTorrents Launches Its Own Latest Movie Release Group

kickass torrent movie release group
kickass torrent movie release group

Short Bytes: Adding more to its legacy, KickassTorrents has published a movie release group online where internet users can download latest movies in high quality, even from the year 2015. The eyes are upon the copyright claim groups and their futuristic actions against KAT.

KickassTorrents, the world’s most famous Torrent site has launched its own release group which will cater the needs of movie buffs where they can download latest movies online.

The movie release groups have been existing since a long time. However, they were never able to catch the limelight. Even though they caught the attention, they caught just the dim light attention because no big brand name was associated with them. They were just operating in silence, thus known to the lesser users.

But with a big name like KickassTorrents associated with a release group, it surely catches the headline and easily gets the public attention. The reason? Well, the history associated with the KickassTorrents, or also called as KAT, has been interesting as it has survived many takedowns attempts; almost as interesting as Piratebay.

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Over the last few days, the group under the handle KATRG has been pushing a lot of BluRay rips and TV shows over the release group including some big releases of the year. The most daring part about the KAT is, it is putting up its name on some of the specific releases. We see that as an open resistance to the cyber authorities and those who stand by copyright claims.

The movie world has seen such pirated downloads before. Another noticeable thing which KAT did is that every new movie put over release group is coming with a hash-code. That means even if the movie has been taken down from a site, using the same hash code the same movie can be searched elsewhere over the another site.

Seems like a war of brands has taken place over the internet. KAT is a brand and it will do anything to defend its image. What do you think about all of this?

Here’s the link of the KAT release group we are talking about.

Update: It looks like the release group that went online a week ago, is no more. In a statement, KAT has said that it didn’t own the group on website and thus removed it.

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