Here’s When You Will Get Your Steam Deck Order Email

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Image: Valve

Valve sent the first batch of Steam Deck pre-order emails yesterday, and while a lot of folks in the first batch have already ordered the console, there are people in the “Before December,” “In Q2,” and “After Q2” batches wondering when they’ll receive theirs.

However, Valve came out with an answer for people who’ll receive their orders in the first quarter. The giant also addressed the “In Q2” and “After Q2” batches. Here’s what they said.

  • Those who belong to the first quarter reservations window, on the Steam Deck Store page, will receive an ordering email by the end of the first quarter or by the end of March. (Q1 means first quarter or else, January–March).
  • The next set of emails will be sent on Monday, March 7. (It seems that all practical matters are best sorted out when we’re not trying to do missions over a weekend.)
  • We will continue to send emails to first quarter reservation holders, in the order in which the reservations were made, on a weekly basis until the end of March (14, 21, 28 March).
  • In April, we will start with the second trimester’s queue in a similar way.
  • We are arranging our production schedules and will have new soon for those in the group after the second quarter.

Did you order a Steam Deck? If yes, which order group do you belong to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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