1 TB Storage iPhone Is Good, But Users Want Better Battery: Survey

iPhone 13 battery life (representative image)
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The iPhone 13 is literally around the corner, and there are some interesting developments. A UK-based survey says that 35% of potential new buyers expect a better battery life from the next iPhone. After the battery, 34% of users also want a cheaper price tag, which looks like a distant thing for now. A better screen, 1TB of storage, and a different design have been the expectation from the public.

Uswitch, an online mobile comparison and switching service surveyed to check what people expect from the iPhone 13. The survey samples 2,000 mobile users in the UK, aggregating an opinion about the iPhone 13. In a way, these numbers also tell what people want the ideal iPhone to be. This is also a look into the iPhone features that Apple needs to work on.

One-Third of Users Want THE Battery

Unswitch data on what users want from the iPhone 13

Being an iPhone user myself, I can say I’m disappointed at the way the iPhone runs out of juice upon heavy usage. The Uswitch survey says that 10 million people plan to buy the iPhone 13 in the next year. It also says that 4 million of these users are set to buy the new iPhone as soon as it is out. 35% of these users want the iPhone 13 to have better battery life.

Comparing Apple to Android, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was beaten by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in a battery life test. While this one is still tight, the smaller iPhones still miss out on Max’s improved battery performance. For instance, my iPhone 12 Mini only lasts about a day at moderate usage. For my usage, I have to charge it once around noon. This year, users are expecting better battery backups across the lineup.

We’ve also done a rumor roundup where we’ve covered how Apple might increase the iPhone 13’s battery life. While the next A-series chip might retain the same core structure as the current one, tweaks will increase battery life.

A cheaper iPhone is the second most wanted by a slim margin. Seeing how iPhone prices have soared over the years, a cheaper top-end variant would be a surprise. Ming-Chi Kuo is also expecting a higher price because of the changed storage structure. This year’s iPhones are expected to start at 128GB storage and go all the way up to 1TB. If this is true, the iPhone 12 lineup will be the last to have 64GB of storage.

Next up, 27% of users want an included charger with the iPhone. Another unlikely but valid demand seeing how Apple removed the charger from the box. When Apple removed the charger from the box, it included a Type-C to Lightning cable. Most users who had an older iPhone didn’t have a Type-C charger. While returning the chargers is also a distant dream, this is what people are asking for.

1TB iPhone 13…

The Uswitch survey of the iPhone 13 says that users want the iPhone to improve in a particular order. 22% want to upgrade cameras and a faster processor. The new 1TB option is wanted by 17% of users. 14% want more Apple original apps and a differently designed iPhone with the least number of users.

Jumping from numbers to conclusions, users care less about super-maxed out a storage or the notch. They care more about better cameras, displays, and faster processors. These are the basic features of the iPhone that require more work. So Apple needs to get the basics right with the iPhone 13. A section wants a 1TB model, but more people care about not running out of battery on the fly.

Apple’s Hold

Image: Counterpoint Research

Apple has seen a rise and fall in its iPhone market between 2020 and 2021. It went from 21% in 2020Q4 to 15% in 2021Q2. The Uswitch survey says that 38% of Apple device owners will keep buying iPhones due to brand loyalty. 42% of users say the ease of usage will keep them on their iOS devices. Another 54% of non-users are staying away because of the price, out of which 41% say iPhones are overrated.

This is Apple’s current hold over the market and needs to improve to get a bigger share. iPhone prices start at a point where you have the choice of getting a base variant of the iPhone or a top model Android device, minus the notch. Users who currently use the iPhone are sticking to it for ease of usage and the brand’s reputation. The iPhone 13 event will tell you how the situation changes in the future.

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