This Man Created Iron Man Flying Suit And Became Real-life Tony Stark

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Short Bytes: Richard Browning, a British entrepreneur, is behind a real-life Iron Man-like suit which he likes to call Daedalus. The suit uses six miniature jet engines to lift the wearer in the air and move in multiple directions. However, the amount of strength required to direct the jets is not what an average could achieve without regular exercise.

We saw Mark Zuckerberg turning himself into Iron Man. But that was all possible because of an image editing app. Now, a UK-based entrepreneur Richard Browning has materialized the tech world’s ultimate fantasy, a real-life flying suit.

It was the day before yesterday when Browning uploaded a testing video of his the flight suit called Daedalus (or Mark 1 Jet Engine Suit). The suit, which is an exoskeleton structure, features six tiny jet engines. The engines allow a person to take a vertical take off and fly.

Browning told Red Bull that the suit is capable of flying at several miles/hour and it could attain a height of thousands of feet above the ground. He said that the “suit can fly in most locations”, but for now, “normal operation sees the wearer flying at no more than a couple of meters.”

Also, the strength required to control the suit isn’t something a first-time user could easily demonstrate. Browning himself is an ex-Royal Marine reservist who is a triathlete, an ultra-marathon runner, and endurance canniest.

The real-life Iron Man said operating the flight suit is “like riding a bike in three dimensions.” As described by him, the strength required to direct the jets is “severe”. And, he has to stick to his workout routine including 140km running, three intensive calisthenics sessions, and a 40km run on Saturday.

Daedalus is the answer to Brownings self-thought question — “What can you achieve combining body, mind, and technology?” He spent around 10 months in his garage in Salisbury to come up with his flight tech.

He is carrying out further development of the flight suit under his startup called Gravity Industries which came into existence last month. Gravity has applied to get the suit’s technology patented and they expect to come up with the world’s first human propulsion flight tech.

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