Tesla Could Have Been An Apple Company, But…..

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The owner of the world’s most popular EV maker Tesla could have been an Apple company if Tim Cook had not pushed away from the opportunity. In a recent tweet, the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said he reached out to Apple CEO Tim Cook with the intention of selling the company, but Tim wasn’t interested.

Elon Musk made this tweet right after the news regarding the Apple Car once again surfaced on the internet. As we mentioned in our previous article, Apple’s electric car might launch sooner than we expected.

Many people have been skeptical about the Apple car project after the company shuffled around 200 employees from it. Anyway, recent reports suggest, the Apple car project is not abandoned and it’s going to arrive soon.

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Around the same news, Elon told us an interesting story through his Twitter handle.

Once Upon A Time Tesla Was Being Sold To Apple

As shown in the tweet, Elon tried contacting Tim Cook to sell Tesla for 1/10th of its current value. According to a Forbes report, the current net value of Tesla is around $650 Billion. This means Tim Cook refused Tesla buying for $60 billion.

Apart from this, we don’t know the exact time when it happened. However, Elon mentioned the “darkest days of the Model 3 program.” Hence, we can assume it to be somewhere around 2015-17 as the Model 3 was launched in 2017.

As of now, Apple seems to be tight-lipped about its first car whereas Tesla became the world’s largest electric car producer. What do you guys think? Would Apple be regretting its decision or do they have different plans? Share your drops in the market.

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