iPhone 14 Selfie Camera Will Be Korean-made And Cost 3x More Than iPhone 13’s Unit

iPhone 14 Selfie Camera
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Apple’s iPhone 14 series is said to arrive this fall with some major camera and design improvements.

According to a new story, Apple has decided to buy the high-end selfie camera from “LG Innotek” by ditching the Chinese counterpart.

According to some trusted industry insiders, Apple made this decision at the last minute. The quality is said to be the reason for this sudden change, as the Chinese-made cameras were having some quality issues while testing.

Apple’s original plan was to use LG Innotek’s camera module for the iPhone 15 series but moved the schedule forward quickly.

LG Innotek is said to be greatly benefited from this deal, and they are expected to make trillions by just supplying the front-facing camera for iPhone 14.

Previously they were the main supplier for the iPhone’s rear camera module, and now they have emerged as a key front-facing camera supplier.

iPhone 14 Selfie Camera
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One of the major drawbacks for Apple using this new camera module might be the higher pricing. As the per-unit price of the iPhone 14’s front camera will increase three-fold, that will eventually result in an increase in the overall cost of the iPhone 14 series for the end consumer.

LG Innotek Selfie Camera Improvements:

The higher cost for the selfie camera is said to bring major quality and functionality improvements to the table. Such as an autofocus function and superior OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to the front camera.

Image credit: Angelo Libero

In addition to this, LG Innotek will now fully internalize the optical components for the camera module. As previously, Lg Innotek was just a supplier for the optical parts such as actuators, camera PCBs, OSI parts, etc, which were then assembled by LG before sending it to Apple for the final assembly.

Users have been asking for a front camera upgrade on iPhones for quite a long time now, and with this recent news, we can hope to see some great improvement in the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

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