Indian Banks Running Windows XP Finally Asked To Update: RBI Sends Notice

Windows xp atm rbi
Windows XP still being used in Indian banks

The legendary Windows XP isn’t getting support from Microsoft since it was long discontinued in 2014. But it sure does get love from its die hearted fans like Windows XP 2018 concept designer. And then there are few, who support outdated Windows XP unintentionally, like the Indian Banks’ ATMs.

In a notice sent out, the Reserve Bank of India has asked Indian banks to upgrade the OS running on their ATMs from the obsolete Windows XP to a newer one, probably Windows 7 or even Windows 10 for that matter. The deadline given to the respective banks is June 2019.

Similar to all XP users in the world who were informed about the risks of using outdated operating system, the RBI’s notification states “the vulnerability arising from the banks’ ATMs operating on unsupported version of operating system and non-implementation of other security measures, could potentially affect the interests of the banks’ customers adversely.”

RBI has also asked banks to implement few more security measures other than upgrading operating systems such as adding password protected BIOS, disabling USB ports and autorun facility, secure terminal access, time-based administration access, and others.

To successfully address the issue, the Indian bank authority also laid out a specific plan in view of the availability of fewer ATMs in India, in respect to the population of 1.3 billion. RBI advised that the Windows XP deprecation carried out in four phases:  Initially, a target of 25% of ATM by September 2018, then 50% by December 2018 and finally 100% by June 2019.

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