Hacked Radio Stations Played “F**k Donald Trump” Song On Repeat

donald trump hacked radio station

Short Bytes: Due to some vulnerabilities in certain models of low power FM radio transmitters, the hackers were able to take control of many radio stations. As a result, the stations broadcasted rapper YG and Nipsey Hussle’s song F**k Donald Trump, something they didn’t intend to play. In this incident, about a dozen radio stations were reportedly affected.

The explicit track ‘F**k Donald Trump’ by rappers YG and Nipsey Hussle left a noticeable mark on the anti-Trump hip-hop scene last year. It looks like the same song is now being used by hackers to channel their sentiments across the country.

Many media reports are surfacing that claim that song’s surprising playback on the radio stations began rising after the inauguration of Mr. Trump. The hack affected LPFM (Low Power FM) stations in South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky. There were other unconfirmed reports of affected radio stations from California, Indiana, and Washington State.

The hackers took advantage of a vulnerability found in a popular model of LPFM radio transmitters, Barix Exstreamer IP streaming devices. These devices can be connected to the internet, exposing them to hacking threats. The customers were already warned last year and advised to use a 24-character passwords, VPNs, and firewalls.

The song was repeatedly played on about a dozen radio stations on a loop. The stations included were the likes of 101.9 Pirate Seattle, 100.9 WCHQ-LP Louisville, 105.9 WFBS-LP Salem, S.C., etc.

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