AMD Shows Off Ryzen 7000 Series Chips Clocking At 5.5GHz

AMD Shows Off Ryzen 7000 Series Chips Clocking At 5.5GHz
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AMD made some major announcements at the Computex 2022 event yesterday. The Intel rival revealed its upcoming AMD Ryzen 7000 processor and motherboard lineup. Apart from that, it also announced a new line of APUs called Mendocino to make everyday laptops more powerful.

The major highlight is the Ryzen 7000 Series CPU that will be based on 5nm architecture.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Processors

AMD revealed the Ryzen 7000 Processors which will boast double the L2 cache when compared with existing processors. It means that the new processors will come with 1MB L2 cache per core as opposed to the 512 KB cache per core.

Moreover, AMD claimed that the Ryzen 7000 Processors will offer a 15% increase in the single-core performance.

The new Ryzen 7000 Processors will be based on Zen 4 architecture. So, they will be designed using the 5nm fabrication process which will offer a noticeable performance boost. Furthermore, Ryzen 7000 Processor will use a 6nm I/O die which will include RDNA 2 graphics and support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5.

AMD showcased a few performance comparison stats to highlight the computing power of its new processors. A pre-production 16-core processor registered a 30% performance difference against Intel Core i9-12900K. Both the processors were tested in a multi-threaded Blender workload. AMD Ryzen 7000 processors were able to attain clock speeds of 5.5 GHz during a gaming session in GhostWire: Tokyo.

AMD Ryzen 7000 processors
Image: YouTube

AMD’s New Motherboards

AMD Ryzen 7000 processors will use the new AMD Socket AM5 platform. It means that you will have to upgrade your motherboard to use the 7000 series CPU from AMD. However, the brand assured that the new AMD Socket AM5 platform will support the AM4 coolers. So, you may be able to save money on a CPU cooler when upgrading your build.

The new AMD Socket AM5-supported motherboards can house processors with a maximum of 170 TDP. In addition, they will have 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes, dual-channel DDR5 memory support, and much more. X670E, X670, and B650 are the three motherboards that will support the new lineup of processors.

AMD Laptops

AMD also unveiled “Mendocino” which is a new lineup of the APUs. These APUs will be a great fit for budget laptops ranging from $399 to $599. AMD also announced SmartAcess Storage, which will reduce loading times in games. What do you think of the AMD Ryzen 7000 series? How will Intel respond? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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