Want To “Block” Windows 10 May 2019 Update? Simply Plug In A USB Drive

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Every Windows 10 update comes with its own share of weird issues that are often hard to explain and funny at the same time. One such issue plaguing the upcoming Windows 10 May 2019 Update is related to the USB drive.

Microsoft has published a support document on its website, warning that Windows 10 users will face difficulty installing the May 2019 update if their computers have a USB drive or SD card connected to them. The company said that an “inappropriate drive reassignment” has caused this issue.

In simpler language, you can think of Windows 10 May Update trying to get installed on a system with a thumb drive inserted into a port and that USB drive being mounted as drive G. Once the upgrade gets completed, the USB drive reassigns itself to a different driver letter and causes an update failure.

The following message is displayed on the screen once the update fails:


It’s worth noting that the update failure issue can also affect internal hard drives. However, it’s currently being reported to affect mostly removable drives.

How to fix Windows 10 May Update USB issue?

Contrary to what you’d expect, the workaround to fix the USB issue is pretty simple. You just need to remove the external media that’s causing the issue and restart the update installation process.

Microsoft has further promised that the issue will be permanently fixed in a future Windows 10 servicing update. For Windows Insiders, this issue will be fixed in build 18877 and newer builds.

While it might seem like another major issue that could remind you of the October Update disaster, it’s nice to see that Microsoft is acknowledging the problem and providing workarounds.

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