iOS 16 Has Built-In Unit Conversion Across The Board

Built-In Unit Conversion

For Apple enthusiasts, the company’s products are highly anticipated and what’s more exciting are the new features that the new operating system offers. iOS 16 has everyone hyped with its thrilling features, like the new lock screen customization that currently steals the show.

However, there is a hidden new feature that you might have missed but turn out to be your favorite one.

Developer Federico Viticci discovered that the new iOS 16 also supports a built-in unit conversion feature. It is distributed throughout the system in various applications like iMessage and others.

What is the feature?

The unit conversion feature lets you instantly provide conversions on all types of currencies and units. The developer suggests that it is the ideal way to make pesky weather conversions from different units, such as Fahrenheit to Celsius, so people worldwide can keep up with each other.

However, the tool isn’t limited to providing weather unit conversions, as you can also use it to convert pounds to kilograms and miles to kilometers. Furthermore, it also provides functionality for forex exchange so you can easily convert one currency to another.

The developer discovered that if you enter a temperature or currency value in a calendar entry or a message, iOS will underline text through a tap, and you will be able to see the conversions to the other units instantly. Instead of opening the web browser separately and making a conversion, the feature will save you time and effort.

In a Tweet, Federico Viticci stated, “Great new iOS 16 feature: built-in unit conversion everywhere, including Messages. This supports temperatures, currencies, and more”.

He added that “finally, I don’t have to explain to my American friends what Celsius temps mean anymore.”

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