Intel’s 10nm Chips Delayed Again; New “Whiskey Lake” Roadmap Revealed

intel whiskey lake
Image: Unsplash/Chan Walrus

Just like other technology companies, Intel has recently announced its financial results and posted a record quarter result. The company earned first-quarter profits of $4.5 billion, which is 50% more than last year. Amid the Meltdown and Spectre fiasco, that’s an incredible achievement.

The earnings call also revealed that the company has encountered some serious problems with its 10nm manufacturing process. As a result, the company will be shipping more 14nm architecture-based chips this year, which will be called Whiskey Lake for desktop computers and Cascades Lake Xeons for data center applications.

In Intel’s language, the company is working to make “process optimizations and architectural innovations” in the existing 14nm process. The delay has pushed the 10nm processors to sometime in 2019, as compared to the expected second half of 2018.

It’s not that Intel isn’t shipping 10nm silicon at all. The company is doing so in smaller volume. For fueling the production and meeting the widespread demands when it becomes mainstream, Intel will have to do more work.

I know that it might be getting a little frustrating for you to keep track of Intel’s naming conventions and their manufacturing processes. But that’s how things are. They keep making things confusing and we keep catching up.

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