Apple iTunes For Windows 10 Hits Microsoft Store, Download Now

Apple iTunes Microsoft Store Windows 10

If you’re an Apple fanboy running a Windows 10 PC, you have one compelling reason to visit Microsoft Store.

After almost a year of waiting, Apple has finally brought their all-rounder iTunes software to the Store that lets people watch movies, listen to songs and podcasts, and sync their iDevices to Windows. Earlier, it was expected to arrive by the end of 2017, but that didn’t happen.

The new iTunes app for Windows 10 is no different than its desktop counterpart. It is made available via Desktop Bridge – a way of packaging desktop apps to make them compatible with Microsoft Store. This seems like an old school effort when Microsoft is busy flooding their Store with modern UWP and Progressive Web Apps.

It does all the stuff the same way. However, what has changed is that the update process will now happen through the Microsoft Store, just like it happens for other apps.

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iTunes hasn’t left behind its laggy nature which has irritated Windows users for a long time. And it makes the user experience even worse with the lack of the kinetic scrolling feature which is now a common sight in every other app.

One advantage is that its availability in Microsoft Store makes way for iTunes to run in S Mode (Windows 10 S) which doesn’t support the apps outside of Redmond’s home shop.

To run iTunes Store app on your PC, Windows 10 FCU (16299) is the minimum requirement. So, update your Windows 10 PC if you haven’t done it yet.

Regarding the older iTunes, Apple doesn’t seem to have pulled the plug on it yet as the software has to cater to the needs of Windows 7 users who don’t have access to the Store. It might get phased out eventually.

iTunes is one among the many apps that Windows users want in the Store. Other desktop apps include Google Chrome, but it would require big changes to the browser if Google wants it on Microsoft Store.

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