KickassTorrents Comes Back Again! This Time As

kat is back as
kat is back as

Short Bytes: KickassTorrents is back again. This time, as It also contains the complete KAT database and user account data. Hosting information is kept a secret behind the walls of Cloudflare. was launched just days after the original Kickass Torrent website went down on 20th July 2016. The website quickly rose to fame after the Kickass Torrents domain was seized and many clone sites emerged. Proving once again that pirate sites can’t be fully shut down. Out of all the clone sites, turned out to be the most popular.

KickAss Torrents Shutdown

We have been following the chase between the homeland security department and the KAT family for the past few days. Here is another iteration of KickAss Torrents that have popped up on the internet., with a complete KAT database including user account data, is live now, reports The Verge.

The homeland security department seized KAT’s domains. They also managed to arrest KAT founder Artem Vaulin, aka Tirm, with Facebook and Apple’s help. But, the world’s most-loved torrent website came back as Dxtorrent and kickass, which is NOT mirror-backed by IsoHunt, as some reports suggested.

The whole scenario resembles what we see in Indian daily soaps where characters come back from the dead again and again. Jon Snow fans will also find this analogy relatable. is the new domain rooting for KickassTorrents’ rebirth. The website is “hosted on different cloud servers to prevent blockade, and the hosting information is well hidden behind Cloudflare,” the creators of said in an email to The Verge.

Pirate websites coming back from the dead is not a surprise to our ears. The Pirate Bay has done so in the past. It’s now running buttery smooth with all of its glory and its original .org domain. No matter how many times the security agencies and the copyright holders will try to put a bar on the pirate realm, it looks like it will come again and again. Just like it has done so far.

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