Intel Speeds Up Its First 5G Modem Chip Production

Intel 5g chip

Rumors of Intel supplying 5G modem chips for Apple’s next-gen phones have been doing rounds for quite some time now. Now the latest reports suggest that Intel will provide its 5G chips sooner than planned for testing them in the upcoming iPhones.

According to the chipmaker’s press release, the manufacturing of the XMM 8160 (first 5G modem) has been moved up by six months. This will allow Apple and other smartphone makers to test the chip before launching 5G enabled devices in 2020.

The XMM 8160 5G promises peak speeds up to 6Gbps, which is approximately three to six times faster than the currently available LTE modems. It will support LTE and earlier technologies as well, so device makers don’t need to worry about two chips consuming extra space and battery life.

The 5G chip will be available by the second half of 2019 and deliver better experiences as 5G connectivity gets adopted worldwide.

Qualcomm, on the other hand, is already working on its 5G modem chip. Nearly 18 companies, including Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi, HTC, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, etc., are working with Qualcomm on its latest chip. Meanwhile, Huawei and Samsung are also working on their home-baked 5G modems.

Even though we would have to wait until 2020 to see iPhones with 5G support, the year 2019 is going to see multiple launches of 5G phones.

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