Apple To Debut 5G iPhone In 2020 With Intel 5G Modem

5G iPhone in 2020

We are on the verge of seeing 5G technology getting rolled out by different carriers in 2019. AT&T has already announced that it will roll out its 5G services by the end of the year.

A report from Fast Company indicates that Apple is planning to introduce its first 5G iPhone in 2020. The report also says that Intel’s 8161 5G modem will be back with the 5G iPhone.

This report makes sense as another report from Reuters speculated that Apple is set to make Intel its sole provider for cellular modems, thus ditching Qualcomm in the process after a scuffle with the chipmaker.

According to the report by Fast Company, “Intel has been working on a precursor to the 8161 called the 8060, which will be used for prototyping and testing the 5G iPhone. The 8161 will be fabricated using Intel’s 10-nanometer process, which increases transistor density for more speed and efficiency.”

Apple is unhappy with the Intel if the report is to be believed. Intel has failed to solve the heat dissipation issues in their 8060 modem chip. However, the issue is not enough grave for Apple to reach out to Qualcomm again for 5G modems.

As a plan B, Apple has also opened a conversation with MediaTek, another chipmaker for supplying 5G chips. However, that approach would be reserved if things don’t work out with Intel.

What would you prefer — 5G Intel Modems or MediaTek modems in iPhone? Express your views below.

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