How To Install LineageOS On Xiaomi And Redmi Devices?

how to install LineageOS on Xiaomi and Redmi

In the custom ROM ecosystem, if there is one ROM that is respected by all — it is the LineageOS. It breathes new life into otherwise monotonous and gloomy Xiaomi and Redmi devices.

Lineage OS, the successor to widely known CyanogenMod, offers a complete stock Android look with hundreds of customization options.

If you are infuriated over the bloatware, intrusive ads and the crowded interface of the MIUI Android-skin, then here is how you can install LineageOS in your Xiaomi device —

Installing LineageOS on Xiaomi and Redmi

Installing LineageOS is no different from installing a custom ROM on an Android device; it involves three major steps — unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery, and finally flashing the custom ROM.

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  1. ADB and Fastboot installed on your PC (Here is how)
  2. USB Debugging turned on (Here is how)

1. Unlock the Bootloader

Bookmark this page because it will take you days before you can cross this step. Unfortunately, Xiaomi makes users go through an agonizing wait before allowing them to unlock their devices. Here are the steps –

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  1. Link your Xiaomi device to an Mi account — Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > Mi Unlock status.
    MIUI unlock status
  2. Download and open the Mi Unlock tool on your PC
  3. Go into Fastboot mode on your device — Switch off and press power+volume down button for few seconds
    Xiaomi Fastboot Mode
  4. Connect the device to your PC using a USB cableMi Unlock Fastboot mode
  5. Click on Unlock on the Mi Unlock app

While it says 360 hours, users end up getting their phones unlocked within a week.

2. Install a custom recovery

Custom recovery enables users to install third-party firmware often unsupported by Android stock recovery. Here I have used Orange Fox recovery, users can also use the widely known TWRP custom recovery.

  1. Download the recovery image file for the Xiaomi device and move it to the ADB source folder in C Drive.
  2. Open Fastboot mode on your device and connect your device to PC
  3. Open command prompt (on Windows) or Terminal (on Linux or macOS)
  4. Type fastboot devices. Press Enter
  5. Type fastboot flash recovery (name of the downloaded file).img. Press Enter
    Installing custom Recovery using Fastboot
  6. Boot into recovery — Hold Power Button+ Volume Up

Avoid rebooting the device after installing the custom recovery, otherwise, Xiaomi might remove it.

3. Flashing the LineageOS ROM

Before moving ahead, download the latest LineageOS for your device. Other than installing a custom ROM, users will also need to flash the Google Apps (GApps) zip file. Move both the files on the device Internal Storage.

OrangeFox on Xiaomi and Redmi

  1. Wipe Data/factory reset, Cache and Dalvik cache
  2. Select the LineageOS zip file and install it.
    Installing custom ROM using OrangeFox
  3. Install the GApps zip file after flashing the ROM.
  4. Reboot

Congratulations Xiaomi users upon the successful installation of Lineage OS on your device. Although, I would highly doubt that you would have managed to get it right the first time.

LineageOS custamization Xiaomi

Since there are too many unknown variables, it is normal to be stuck at certain steps. However, there is nothing you can do to your device that cannot be reversed. Even if you have bricked the device (worst of all), you will have multiple guides all over the Internet at your disposal.

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