This Developer’s Hack Shows How To Run Android OS On An iPhone

android on iphone
android on iphone

ANDROID ON IPHONE 1Short Bytes: Developer Nick Lee is back with his new hack that allows him to run open source Android operating system on an iPhone. He has made this possible with his specially-crafted iPhone case that also features ports for USB, HDMI, and SD card.

Remember the developer who installed Windows 95 on an Apple Watch? He is back again with another surprise in the form of an iPhone that runs Android.

Developer Nick Lee has used his awesome DIY skills to bring a full-fledged Android experience on iPhone using his special 3D-printed smartphone case.

Being tired of the same old Android vs iOS tirades, Lee spent around 45 hours and built an iPhone case, which allowed him to run Android on an iPhone. By cloning the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Lee created a customized Android Marshmallow version.

With his iPhone case, one can run the phone as normal and turn it into an Android device with just a simple click.

The initial design of the case was pretty bulky. After more work, he managed to slim it down and make a case that wasn’t much larger than a smartphone battery case.

Lee also provided ports for USB, HDMI, and SD card in the case. In the demo video, he seems to be running a Tendigi (Lee is the CTO of this company) app that asks him to connect the case. Before putting an iPhone on the case, Leep puts a plastic sheet over the components.

“The main inspiration was the intense feelings Android and iOS users have about each other. I said to myself— ‘What if you could have it all on one device?'”, Lee told TNW.

Lee says that the whole process is not very practical. Still, we find this proof of concept very fascinating.

Interestingly, Lee says that he could build a slimmer version for consumers if there would be an interest.

If you want to know about the build process in detail, here is the link to Lee’s blog.

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