PUBG Mobile’s 7 Days Challenge Encourages Players To Stay At Home

PUBG Mobile's 7 Days Challenge Encourages Players To Stay At Home

During the nationwide lockdown in India, more people are spending their day by indulging themselves in gaming. And to encourage players to stay home even further, PUBG Mobile has decided to host a 7 Days Challenge, starting today.

The 7-Day Challenge by PUBG Mobile is to push forward the #PlayApartTogether campaign created by (World Health Organisation) WHO. The campaign is an effort by WHO to promote self-isolation by asking people to spend more time on gaming.

During the 7 Days challenge, the PUBG Mobile team will let players participate in some fantastic contests, trivia challenges, quizzes, and art contests.

In addition to that, there will be in-game challenges that will allow players to earn UC (Unknown Cash), rare outfits, Classic Coupons, Bonus Challenge coupons, and other rewards. 

This PUBG Mobile Campaign is also offering bonuses on UC purchases. Any amount of UC purchase will get players a ‘Lucky Crate’ containing an additional 10UC. Whereas, if PUBG players pay for at least 60UC, then they will be rewarded with two Lucky Crates containing up to 150UC.

What’s even more surprising is that between April 10 and April 19, players will also see great discounts on outfits. On first outfit purchase, players will get 30% off, the second purchase will get 50% off, and the third purchase gets a massive discount of 70%. 

To keep track of every task in PUBG Mobile 7 days challenge, players will have to keep an eye on PUBG Mobile’s social media handles.

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