‘Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer’: Everything You Need To Know

Indian Predator The diary of a serial killer
Image: Netflix

Netflix has recently started picking up Indian documentaries such as House Of Secrets on the Burari case and Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi. Another intriguing and heinous documentary, Indian Predator: The Diary Of A Serial Killer, is set to release. And here’s everything you need to know before you watch the crime documentary.

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer – Release date

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer is set to arrive just seven weeks from the premiere of the first chapter, Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi. The three-episode miniseries will be directed by Dheeraj Jindal and written by Sudeep Nigam. The documentary is set to arrive on Netflix on September 7, 2022.

Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer- Plot

The upcoming crime thriller documentary will follow Raja Kolander’s exploits after he was accused of murdering the journalist and 13 others. While The Diary of a Serial Killer has a common title, there is no common thread behind the scenes, with the entire creative team being different. The Butcher of Delhi was produced by Vice Studios India and directed by Ayesha Sood.

Here’s the official synopsis for Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer via Netflix:

When a young, well-loved journalist goes missing in Allahabad, the entire community comes together to unearth the truth. In the process they find an unlikely suspect — a small-time local politician’s husband. Just when the police think the case is closed, they find a diary that has a list of 13 names along with that of the dead journalist.

What exactly is the case?

Raja Kalander alias Ram Niranjan (60) was suspected of murdering a journalist Dhirendra Singh who worked with Hindi Daily ‘Aaj’. Singh’s body was cut into pieces and dumped in a river and a jungle. During the investigation, it was discovered that Singh was not the only victim of Kalandar.

During Raja Kalandar’s trial, he admitted to practicing cannibalism and burying 14 skulls in his home. He used to eat various parts of his victims’ bodies, including their brains.

In the course of the investigation, it turned out that Kalandar’s motivation for killing people was to take revenge and to increase his mental power. He also admitted that he used to talk to those skulls and play with them.

With the predator speaking directly from the confines of an Indian jail, we think it would be interesting to hear it from the horse’s mouth, truth or not.

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