Huawei Wants To Replace Android With Russian OS ‘Aurora’

Huawei Aurora OS

America has once again put Huawei on an entity list barring it from using the technology developed in the country. Amidst the looming future where Android is not accessible to the Chinese smartphone maker company, it is looking for alternatives.

According to a Reuters report, Huawei is in talks with Russia to launch a ‘Pilot Program’ to replace Android with Russian OS ‘Aurora’.

In the initial stage, Huawei will install the Aurora OS on the thousands of tablets that will be deployed in Russia’s 2020 population census. However, sources have revealed that Huawei has broader plans for the Russian-made operating system.

Aurora OS is an open-source Sailfish OS Linux distribution. It is developed by the Finnish company Jolla and focuses more on security and privacy.

As per a spokeswoman from the company, “Huawei is interested in the project. It showed samples of tablets that could be used.”

Aurora OS is owned by state-controlled telecommunication company Rostelecom. The firm is also responsible for selecting the tablets that will be used in the census. If everything goes as per the plan, Huawei will install the Aurora OS on 360,000 of its tablets by August 2020.

This could be the first step from Huawei towards replacing Android. Additionally, the Chinese tech giant has already launched its own OS — Harmony OS which is, at this stage, intended for IoT devices but could replace Android if the need arises.

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