How To Turn Off Dark Mode On Google Search On PC?

turn off dark mode on google
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Google’s search engine received an update, giving it a new dark theme appearance for users who prefer it that way. While the dark theme looks appealing, it’s not for everyone, especially those who want search results in light mode. Hence, this guide will demonstrate how to turn off the dark mode on Google Search.

If your Google Search automatically enabled dark mode, it might be due to your system theme. You must fire up your favorite browser and change the theme via Google Search’s settings. You can also re-enable the dark mode using the same options on your computer or mobile.

Turn off dark mode on Google Search on a PC

If you want to disable the dark mode on Google on your Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, you need to open the website on your default browser and change its settings. Here’s how to disable dark mode on Google.

1. Launch your preferred browser on which you browse Google Search.

2. Open the Google Search website.

3. Then, click on the “Settings” button on the bottom-right of the page.

google website settings

4. Select the “Search settings” option from the floating menu.

search settings turn off dark mode on google

5. Then, navigate to the “Appearance” tab from the left navigation bar.

6. Finally, select your preferred dark mode setting and click on the blue “Save” button.

change dark theme settings turn off dark theme google

Note: Select the “Light theme” option if you want Google Search to show results in light mode permanently. Alternatively, you can select the “Device default” option if you change your device theme often and have Google Search change its theme accordingly. Also, you can choose the “Dark theme” option from Google’s appearance settings to re-enable dark mode.


Turning off dark mode on Google Search is exceptionally complicated, and you can toggle it easily on a web browser. If you change your device theme often, you can set Google Search’s appearance to “Device default,” so it changes with your device theme.

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