Here’s How To Permanently Delete Your PSN Account [2022]

Here's How To Permanently Delete Your PSN Account [2022]
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If you’ve stopped using your old PSN account or for any other reason want to delete your PSN account, this guide will help you do so. However, before we begin, there are a few things you need to know before deleting your old PSN account.

As you begin to delete your old PSN account, keep in mind that any purchases made through that account will be lost. If you haven’t yet transferred the data and the game to another account, we suggest you do so, as once you delete the PSN account, there’s no going back. In addition, the deleted PSN account ID can’t be used to create another account; users will need to use other credentials to create a new PSN account.

Furthermore, in addition to losing all the data and games associated with your PS account, you’ll delete it, and you’ll also lose all your subscriptions and any funds in the PS wallet. Now that we’re all set on the things to keep in mind before you delete your PSN account let’s take a look at how you can delete your old PSN account.

Deleting PSN account

To delete your PS account, you’ll need to contact Sony, and there’s no direct way to delete the account, not from the console, not from the app, and not from the website.

1. Go to the PlayStation support website.

ps account delete contact
Screengrab: PlayStation

2. Once on the website, click on contact us and make sure to read the required information before you begin.

3. On the next page, go to Account and Security and click on Device Deactivation.

deactivate ps account or device
Screengrab: PlayStation

4. Now, scroll down a bit, and you’ll see a box with a toll-free number upon which you can call to delete your PS account.

ps support contact
Screengrab: PlayStation

Wrapping up

Until last year, users used the option to have a live chat with PS support to close their PS account or any other query they might have. However, resolving the query on the call is the only option Sony gives users.

That being said, we’re hopeful about clearing any doubts about permanently deactivating your PS account. However, if there’s any doubt regarding the same, do let us know via the comments, and we’ll make sure to resolve any query you might have.

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