How To Avoid Discord Spoilers? — 2021 Guide On Spoiler Tags

avoid discord spoilers

Discord has one of the most active gaming communities globally, with a lot of different groups. As it goes in such groups, things about pop culture often get discussed, making it difficult to avoid spoilers. But there’s a way to prevent you from seeing such spoilers or spreading them using Discord spoiler tags.

Now there are a few ways to avoid discord spoilers; you can do it when writing the message or editing it afterward, too. Some users can even turn the spoiler feature off if they don’t care about spoilers and want to know the latest developments. However, it all depends on the person sending the message.

How to mark your message with spoiler tag?

Use commands

1. Type in slash (/) key and write /spoiler.

avoid discord spoilers

2. Now you can write your message and send it.

adding a spoiler message in discord

3. It will appear as black text, which can only be read when someone clicks on it.

discord spoiler tag

Use editing tool to avoid Discord Spoilers

1. If you have already sent a message and want to mark it as a spoiler, go to the edit message option.

2. Select the part of the message you want to mark as a spoiler and press the eye icon. It will appear something like this ||text||. This way, you can even select a certain part of the message to be marked as a spoiler.

3. The selected part will be marked.

discord spoiler tag

Note: Additionally, You can add || to the start and the end of the message to look like this ||text||. This will also mark it as a spoiler.

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1. When you upload an attachment to Discord, you can mark it as a spoiler in the upload menu.

avoid discord spoiler

2. For links, you can do the same thing as text when sharing. Write it as ||link||.

3. Both attachments and links will appear with a spoiler warning front and center.

mark a picture with a spoiler tag on Discord mobile?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change spoilers on Discord?

You can use the edit message feature to mark spoilers. Just add || to the start and the end of the message to look like this ||text||. Doing this will mark it with a spoiler tag on Discord.

How do you censor on Discord mobile?

On Android, you can edit your message to mark it as a spoiler. Just add || to the start and the end of the message to look like this ||text||. You can also use the slash (/) key and write /spoiler, and then write your message. For iOS users, you can write your message and select the part you want to mark as a spoiler. Once you have the text selected, you can tap Mark as Spoiler to wrap the selected text in bars. 

How do you mark a picture as a spoiler on Discord mobile?

For images, rename them to SPOILER_name. You can give them any name but make sure that SPOILER is in all caps. This will allow you to share images marked as spoilers.

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