How Nostalgia Struck Us With The New Google ‘Home Alone’ Ad

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It was always a delight for me to watch how little Kevin McCallister was able to defy the notorious goons all by himself when he was mistakenly left home alone. Now, reviving the same spirit, Google has introduced a new advertisement telling us how it would be if Kevin was not really alone and had Google Assistant with him.

The new Home Alone with Google Assistant ad begins with Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin) waking, much like he did in the original Home Alone movie and with the help of Google Home figures out that he is home alone and has the whole house to himself.

Eventually, the whole fun riot begins with the original movie scenes (with a modern twist) giving us a glimpse of how life would have been easier for Kevin 28 years ago. He is all ready to shave his way in the bathroom realizing that he is out of aftershave and asks Google Assistant to remind him to buy one.

Following this, Kevin seems to be having a good time jumping up and down on the fluffy bed. Then he asks Google to remind him to wash the sheets.

Then with Google playing the old movie’s dialogue “Keep the change you filthy animal,” Kevin takes the pizza delivery which was paid online. Kevin also turns down the temperature using Google Assistant.

And finally, the ‘Operation Kevin’ is in full swing (with Google Assistant of course) as Kevin enjoys his mac and cheese, befooling the goons, asking us to ‘Make Google Do It’ as the ad ends.

Here’s the entire Google Home Alone Again with Google Assistant ad:

Furthermore, for a limited period, Google Assistant will bring nostalgia back by saying iconic dialogues from the movie when we say ‘Hey, Google’ and continue saying:

  • “How much do I owe you?” and Google will ask you to “Keep the change, you filthy animal.”  
  • “Did I forget something?” and the famous “KEVINNNNNNNNNN” will be screamed.
  • “It’s me Snakes. I got the stuff,” to show the scenes from “Angels with Filthy Souls.”
  • “The Wet Bandits are here” reminding Kevin to safeguard his house.
  • “I’m the man of the house” to remind us of the scene when Kevin actually felt like one.
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