Apple Is Already Testing USB-C Port On iPhone

Apple Is Already Testing USB-C Port On iPhone
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Apple has gotten a lot of heat for not using USB-C in iPhones. iPhones are some of the best smartphones in the market. But still, come with the age-old lighting port. However, this may soon change. Sources suggest apple will soon move towards an industry-standard USB-C for its iPhones.

Apple leaks have been coming in hot this time of the year. Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple will finally be ditching its proprietary Lightning connector for the more widely supported USB-C standard in future iPhones with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman vouching for the rumors.

USB-C is on its way to iPhones?

Apple Is Already Testing USB-C Port On iPhone
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According to an article by Gizmodo, he reported that the leaks come from “people with knowledge of the situation”. He claimed that testing to replace Lightning with USB-C is already underway. Kuo is highly accurate and stands at 72.5% accuracy on Appletrack. This gives the rumors even higher credibility.

People are tired of juggling multiple cables. Apple as the company is all about convenience and should definitely consider a single cable USB-C for all its devices. Making it quite easier for the users.

Why does Apple still use lightning?

iPhones have been coming with lightning ports for ages now. Apple has been reluctant to ditch its Lightning connector, which non-Apple devices don’t use because it’s better for the “MFI business’s profitability” and has a higher waterproof specification than the standard USB.

But USB-C making its way to iPhones will be a lifesaver. Apple has even said that they will continue to use Lightning because replacing it “would create an unprecedented amount of electronic waste.”

Is this a praiseworthy move by Apple?

Giving Apple too much credit for this potential move should not be the case. Kuo’s initial leak was based on a survey he did amongst his own industry sources. He conducted it shortly after the EU’s Market and Consumer Protection Committee voted in support of certain legislation.

That would require Apple to use USB-C technology across all its products, including iPhones and AirPods. Making European-specific models for iPhones with Type C ports will be tough. Apple probably won’t go that route.

When can we see the USB C port on iPhone?

The news sure is exciting. But any changes, according to Bloomberg, won’t happen until 2023. This means the first iPhone that we can hope to see with a USB-C port would be the iPhone 15. This change is a long way off and is currently just rumored.

What are your thoughts on iPhones getting a USB-C port? Will it make things easier for you? Comment down below

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