How Do Hard Drives Work and Store Tons of Data?

harddrive full
harddrive full

how-hard-disk-worksShort Bytes: Hard Drives are the most used storage devices in our personal computers. This palm-sized device holds more information that your nearby library. But, do you know how do hard drives work? Here are the answers.

The battle of Hard Drives vs Solid State Drives is something that has been ongoing since the development of first SSDs began in 1950s. Today, in the form of modern options of cloud storage, the humble hard drives are facing another stiff competition.

As a data storage device, hard drives have a long history, starting from IBM’s RAMAC in 1956. A hard disk is actually a mechanical device with moving parts like its circular disk where data is stored.

Even though SSDs are becoming a great replacement, HHDs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With new technologies like Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR), the life of data on a hard drive and its storage capacity is expected to witness a big jump in upcoming years.

Ever wondered how does this small device hold so much data? Here I’m going to share a video that will tell you how do hard drives work. Take a look at this informative video below:

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