Android 11 Beta 1 Lands On A Few Google Pixel 4 Devices

Android 11 best features, release date

Android 11 Beta 1 has been rolled out to several Google Pixel 4 devices, despite Google’s recent announcement to delay the launch.

The Android 11 update was originally scheduled for release at an online event on June 3rd. However, Google decided to call off the event due to the ongoing protest in the US.

But, as spotted by the XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, Android 11 first beta (build number RPB1.200504.018) is now rolling out to a handful of users.

The update may take time to arrive on other Google devices. Meanwhile, there is no information on the Google Beta program, which will allow non-Pixel users to test the latest Android version.

What’s New in Android 11 Beta 1?

The update appears to have a number of new changes that were not in the last Android 11 Developer Preview 3.

  1. A developer option in Android 11 moves the media control options from the notification panel to the quick settings menu.

2. New icon shapes namely Vessel, Tapered Rect, and Pebble.

3. The Bubble notifications feature now has a sub-menu in the Android notification settings. The Android Q feature brings floating overlays of conversations, similar to Facebook chat heads.

4. The Android update adds new “Power Menu” settings where one can turn on Card and Passes or Device controls.

5. The Android 11 Beta 1 also includes new app suggestions for the Pixel Launcher Dock.

Google will likely detail all the new features of Android 11 at the Beta release event, airing date of which is unknown at the moment.

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