Fortnite Introduces Treasure Maps: Here’s How It Works!

Fortnite Treasure Map

If the adventures of pirate-themed Season 8 of Fornite aren’t enough for you, Epic Games has another sweet treat for you.

Introducing Treasure Maps in the first update of this season, Fortnite will put you on a hunt for secret pirate bounties with the help of it.

According to the teaser of the gameplay, the treasure maps will allow players to “uncover hidden loot across the island.” These treasure maps will be found as a pick-up item which can be found lying around the map in regular chests or as floor loot.

You just need to grab the map and travel to the point marked in it. On reaching the X marked spot, just dig the ground with a pickaxe, and it will uncover a hidden treasure for you.

The treasure chests are laden with a bunch of legendary items ranging from assault rifles to heavy shotguns and compact SMGs. You will also find extra ammo and consumables like Chug Jugs.

However, being a rarity item, you won’t be seeing these treasure maps frequently, and only one map can be held at a time.

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