Manjaro Linux To Launch New AMD Ryzen-Powered Linux Gaming Laptop

Manjaro Linux To Launch AMD New Ryzen Powered Linux Gaming Laptop

Last time, we heard about Manjaro Linux’s own laptop in 2017, when they first released Manjaro Spitfire in collaboration with Station X. Currently, we can hardly find any update about the Manjaro Spitfire laptop. It looks like the project has already been closed.

But here’s another big news for all Manjaro and Linux gaming fans. On their official Twitter handle, Manjaro Linux has revealed their collaboration with AMD Ryzen to bring a new Linux gaming laptop. Could it stand out against other Linux laptops? Let’s find out more.

New HoRyzen With Manjaro Linux

Weeks ago, Manjaro Linux released a small clip of them playing a game on their new Ryzen-powered Linux laptop. In that Twitter post, they hinted for the first time about their new Gaming laptop.

Yesterday, we came across another teaser of a collaboration of Manjaro Linux with AMD Ryzen. However, in the short teaser, we could not find more information except “Coming Soon,” which clearly confirms the collaboration.

Is Manjaro Linux With AMD The Best Laptop For Linux Gaming?

If you look at the market for Linux laptops, the competition is still very less. To name a few players who are making their way, we have System76, Purism, Pine64, Dell XPS, Star Labs, Tuxedo, and Huawei.

Here, not only the competition but the influence and popularity of Manjaro and Ryzen also matters. Manjaro Linux is often listed among the best Linux distros for gaming. Recently, Pine64 also announced that it’ll ship Manjaro Linux with its next ARM-based Pinebook Pro laptop. Hence, the future of Manjaro’s gaming-focused laptop seems bright.

Moving to the CPUs, AMD Ryzen is based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture. AMD Ryzen 7 3700x is also arguably better than the much more expensive Intel Core processors for video game streamers.

AMD is also hiring a dedicated developer to accelerate the graphics driver support for Linux Kernel. Furthermore, if you’re not aware, AMD is already planning to bring the next Zen 3 architecture and adding support for Linux.

Hopefully, we can expect a new Ryzen Laptop with Manjaro Linux in the upcoming months. But we still have to wait for the date of release, specifications, and price, which is yet to be revealed.

What do you think about this collaboration and its future? Please comment and share your views. For all the latest news and updates about the Linux and Open source, Keep following the Fossbytes.

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