Google Drive Is Adding ‘Offline Storage’ Feature In Chrome

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Google is making things easier for users who prefer saving their documents locally, and not necessarily on the cloud, by adding an offline storage feature to Google Drive.

Until now, Documents, Slides and Spreadsheets have offered an offline mode as a workaround, but soon you will be able to access PDFs, images, Microsoft Office and other files in offline mode.

Google is currently accepting testers for a beta version where they can mark non-Google files for offline viewing. But there are a couple of things you should know before applying.

Firstly, only G Suite organizations can apply for beta testing and secondly, if they do get the chance to use it early, they can use the feature only through the Google Chrome browser.

The offline mode can be enabled from the Drive or Docs settings. After that, users will be required to sign-in to their approved G Suite account to access files offline.

Google has confirmed that the current version of this feature doesn’t work with Chrome OS, but it will bring the feature to the platform in the future.

Apart from this, there is no word on whether Google Drive offline mode is coming to other browsers other than Chrome. We hope that Google offers more compatibility for the feature when it’s ready for launch.

Until then, look out for this space for more information on the same.

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