The Truth Behind Microsoft’s New Secret Project “Beihai”

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ShortBytes: Microsoft’s new secret project codenamed Beihai came into limelight when some job openings were discovered by a Twitter user, The Walking Cat @h0x0d, referring to a keyword ‘Beihai’. With that, the market of speculations got warmer in guessing what could it be about and what in real Microsoft is looking forward in the upcoming year 2016. 

Some have speculated that Microsoft is after making a secret video game for Windows. ‘Beihai’ is a name of a city in China which is being used as a codename for the unannounced project.

Others speculate that “Beihai” might be the codename for a new consumer-focused Windows app under development. The development of the new App might be taken care by Corporate Vice President Kudo Tsunoda’s new Windows Apps Studio team.

Besides these speculations, it is believed that the new project is supposed to work with HoloLens future but is not specifically designed for HoloLens and will be available on other Windows 10 devices as well. Well, we will see what is going to be like.

If we take reference from the recent job posting for the senior program manager, we get enough evidence to support the idea that Microsoft is soon going to work over HoloLens:

The team that created and will be shipping Skype for HoloLens is now focusing on building groundbreaking 3D experiences across all devices: phone, tablet, desktop and HoloLens. Our aspirations are simple: we want to improve people’s lives, delight our customers, and to discover and ship revolutionary interactive consumer and enterprise experiences. We’re looking for contributors to our growing team working on new ways to push the future and we need adaptive problem solvers to create and explore new experiences using cutting-edge technology. As a Senior Program Manager, you will be driving our team to brainstorm new experiences, produce working prototypes using industry-leading technology, and see these prototypes through production to ship. You will also be interacting with cross-Microsoft groups to ensure alignment and timely high-quality delivery of the product

What are your expectations from Microsoft’s under-development project Beihai? Tell us your views in the comments below.

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