Jason Momoa’s Latest Dream Project Comments Sparks Rumors of Lobo Coming to the DCEU

Jason Momoa's Latest Dream Project Comments Sparks Rumors of Lobo Coming to the DCEU
Image: DC comics

Exciting times are ahead for the DC Universe. And there appears to be a lot going on behind the scenes to get fans really excited. With DC Studios replacing DC Films and James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over the studio’s superhero properties from Walter Hamada, new and exciting plans appear to be in the works. The excitement appears to be centered on Justice League star Jason Momoa, who stated that the new management is making his dreams come true. Not long after those remarks, DC Studios co-head, Gunn, posted his first Mastodon post – a photo of the DC bounty hunter, Lobo.

The timing of the post and the comments have enraged some fans. Is Momoa going to play Lobo? Is this what the actor meant when he said his wishes would be granted? Sure, there are questions to be answered. And when those questions were directed at Momoa, the actor responded in kind.

Jason Momoa Sparks Rumors of Lobo Coming to the DCEU

During an interview with ComicBook the actor was asked if there was any possibility that the two occurrences were related. While Momoa refused to answer directly, he did state that Lobo has always been his favorite comic book character. He stated that:

“Well, everyone knows I’m a comic book fan. The comic I collected the most, and I have every comic there is… you can do your research and find out what it is.”

So who is Momoa referring to? Lobo is an anti-hero/anti-villain in DC Comics. Lobo is a bounty hunter and intergalactic mercenary who hails from the utopian planet of Czarnia. It’s tough to label him as a hero or villain because he’s fought alongside and against superheroes like the Man of Steel, Superman.

We have yet to hear from those who can make it happen, such as Gunn and Safran. But for the time being, it appears Momoa will be involved in the next project featuring the character, whether it is a series or a feature film.

Meantime, watch Momoa in the November 18 premiere of the Netflix original movie Slumberland.

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