WWDC Surprise: “iPadOS” Confirmed on Apple’s Dev Portal

ipados from apple wwdc 2019

The annual Apple developer conference is just kicking off and we have some really interesting news for you. It’s believed that Apple is going to call the iOS software running on iPads and it will most likely be called iPadOS.

Traces of the possible move were found on Apple’s Developer Downloads portal by the developer Steve Troughton-Smith, whose findings were quickly spotted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

In a photo of the documents posted by Smith, Apple has used the word iPadOS multiple times, leading to the conclusion that said change is happening for real. There is still a big “Maybe” associated with it. We’ll update the story with the latest news as the WWDC keynote goes live.


Now, the first question that comes to our mind is what the company would call the iOS running on the iPhone. As per the screenshot of the dev portal, it is still called “iOS”.

In one thought, the move isn’t entirely surprising because in the last couple of years Apple has prompted iPads as computers. By going for a separate OS, the company would be able to fit the features that aren’t required on iPhones.

This story is developing.

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