Consider These Grammarly Alternatives To Become A Better Writer

grammarly alternatives
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Grammarly has gained a significant amount of popularity over the past few years. While the popular service’s free version is helpful, its paid version offers many useful features. The only con is that Grammarly’s paid version isn’t exactly affordable, and people often look for alternatives.

Thankfully, many other services exist that you can use as a substitute for Grammarly to verify your written English. These tools often help when you have to write English content. Consequently, you can make your writing look professional and concise if it already isn’t.

Top Grammarly Alternatives

While there are several tools out there that can help improve your English, we have shortlisted a few of them. Here’s a list of the top five Grammarly alternatives that you should consider.

1. Sapling

Image: Sapling.

Sapling is our top choice as a Grammarly alternative as it offers exceptional performance when it comes to English corrections. Likewise, the service works with most CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Software) and messaging tools. It helps customer support teams and writers to generate quick and accurate responses.

The popular AI-powered tool comes in the form of a browser extension, and you can use it to improve your written English online. The app’s free version will help you correct your grammatical and punctuational errors, but the fancy features come in the paid version.


  • Primarily focused on generating quick responses
  • Browser integration offers services on most websites
  • Integration with CRM and Helpdesk tools
  • An AI-focused tool that offers basic features in the free plan


  • Free plan
  • Pro: $25/month
  • Enterprise: Selective pricing

2. Hemingway

hemingway app
Image: Hemingway App.

The Hemingway App is a great tool to verify your already-written content for errors and readability checks. The app’s online editor lets you paste your content to verify its readability and give color-based suggestions. It’s a great tool if you want a second opinion on something you wrote.

Moreover, the app’s color-coded suggestions are a unique feature of the tool if you want to focus on a certain type of error. Hence, Hemingway App makes for an excellent Grammarly alternative.


  • Shows a readability score
  • Shows color-coded suggestions
  • It comes with an online version and a desktop app
  • Offers WordPress and Medium integration


  • Online version: Free
  • Desktop app: $19.99

3. Ginger

ginger grammarly alternative
Image: Ginger Software.

Ginger Software’s writing assistant tool is yet another AI-powered project that has made it to the Grammarly alternatives list. The service’s spotlight feature is undoubtedly its capability of rephrasing content. You can rephrase lines if they don’t satisfy you.

However, the tool’s free version has a 600-character limit that only does basic grammar checking. Apart from that, it also provides multiple synonyms for common words.


  • Grammar checking
  • Rephrase tool
  • Online editor
  • The free version limited to 600 characters


  • Free version
  • Premium: $13.99/month, $89.88/year, $167.76/two years

4. ProWritingAid

Furthermore, ProWritingAid is an excellent Grammarly alternative as it offers great value to writers. The tool provides corrections on spelling, grammar, and readability across all websites. The tool’s extension offers real-time suggestions whenever you write a message or long content.

Moreover, the extra features of the tool are available in its paid version. Also, ProWritingAid’s premium version is cheaper than that of Grammarly. It also integrates with several word processors from Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Overall, the app is quite similar to Grammarly, making it a suitable alternative.


  • Grammar, style, and plagiarism checker
  • Provides synonyms
  • Works with all browsers
  • Offers Microsoft Office and Google Docs integration


  • Free version
  • Premium: $20/month, $79/year, and $399 for the lifetime subscription

5. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke grammarly alternative
Image: WhiteSmoke.

Finally, WhiteSmoke makes it to the list of Grammarly alternatives. You can use the tool to improve your written English content easily. While the app does not come in a free version, it is relatively cheap.

The app comes with a grammar checker, style checker, plagiarism checker, and translation tools. Hence, you can rely on it to verify the readability of your content.


  • Houses a grammar checker
  • Offers translation tools
  • It comes in extension and app formats


  • Web-version: $5.00/month
  • Premium version: $6.66/month
  • Business version: $11.50/month

Grammarly alternatives: Which one to choose?

While there are several tools to choose from, we have listed our top five choices that make great Grammarly alternatives. If you have trouble picking one, we recommend using ‘Sapling.’ If you want something that functions just like Grammarly, you can opt for ProWritingAid.

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