GoTenna Lets You Send Text Without A Cell Phone Or Internet Connection


gotenna-Short Bytes: GoTenna is a cognitive digital radio combined with an app that generates its own signal and automatically coordinates with other units within range, which lets you send text messages, even without a cell or Wi-Fi connection.

Almost all of us can relate to situations, whether it be in a crowded party or amidst wilderness, when we desperately need to communicate with someone and fail to do so due to lack of cell phone signal.

Well, GoTenna co-founder Daniela Perdomo has come up with a brilliant solution for this. Amazed? Here’s the big story.

GoTenna is a cognitive digital radio combined with an app that generates its own signal and automatically coordinates with other units within range.gotennaWondering about other amazing features of GoTenna? Here, have a look:

  1. All that one needs to do is just download the app and pair it with iOS and Android devices. Once done, one can actually send text messages, even without a cell or WiFi connection!
  2. These messages can be sent one-on-one, within groups or even broadcast to everyone nearby.
  3. Also, you can block people. Besides, users can send their GPS location as well, viewable on a pre-downloaded map. Just imagine how useful it can prove to be when one’s facing some emergency and need immediate help!
  4. The devices are light (weighing only 1.8 ounces), and designed to be clipped to a backpack or other gear.
  5. As for power, the device can approximately send 700 messages, and receive many more than that, on a single charge.
  6. The range is dependent on terrain and elevation, and comparable to other 2W VHF radios.
  7. Higher altitude > lower altitude. Wide open areas > dense, obstructed areas. To maximize performance no matter where you go, attach GoTenna externally and as high off the ground as is practical. Top of a backpack or in a chest pocket > on a belt loop or bottom of a bag.

Take a look at this diagram to get a better idea:gotenna diagramPermodo said:

If anyone says isn’t the point of being off-the-grid to be off-the-grid? If you’re going skiing or rock climbing or whatever, do you really want you friends to be able to text you? It’s not about Instagramming the world. It’s about saying, ‘Come meet me at this sunset. This is where I am.’

GoTenna devices cost $199 per pair. One might argue about not having been able to buy them individually, but for second thoughts, there’s not much point in texting alone. Is it? And the best part – there’s no subscription fee. The core messaging capabilities will always be free even if the company later on charges for additional services.

Do you think you believe it will prove to be really helpful? Planning to buy a pair of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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