Now Boost Your WiFi Signal With A Beer Can


wifi-can-boostShort Bytes: Out of the box thinking proves more valuable than exhaustive drudgery. Depicted in this amazing lifehack, is one example that how you can boost your WiFi signal with just an empty beer can.

In case you are in an agonising pain due to your age old WiFi router’s signal and are thinking of getting a new one, pause for a moment and read this: A humble ‘beer can’ can boost your WiFi signals up to double or triple levels.

Now, if you are not shocked, that means you already know the physics behind this crazy lifehack. But if you are surprised to hear that the ‘beer can’ could be as amazing and useful as the stuff inside, then read further.

Creating a crazy fast router is a big deal, but people might be reluctant to spend big bucks on the new technology. However, improvising with what is already available is more appealing. Like this one where you could use a beer can boost your WiFi signal and get more than the glimmers of the Internet beacon at your favorite corner in the house. All you need is some beer, err beer cans.

Cut the beer cans as shown in the video and place it over your router’s antenna. Since the antennas are omnidirectional (sending signals in all directions), the aluminum would act as a reflector and give a particular region in the house a huge boost in the WiFi signals. However, one side would get obstructed so you would have to adjust the positioning of the antenna.

There are other ways to boost your WiFi signals like choosing correct WiFi channel and simple tweaks to improve your WiFi router’s performance.

Watch the video and tell us how much the “beer can” helped you to boost your WiFi strength?

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