Google Uses This Robot to Test Android Devices and Chrome OS

goole touchbot android
goole touchbot android

Ever thought of how Google tests the Android devices and ChromeOS for lag times? It’s pretty obvious that Google uses some kind of cutting edge technology to quantify the lag and fix it. Well, today we have the answer.

Google makes use of a robot dedicated to find the lag times between your finger input and the response of the screen. This robot is called Chrome TouchBot and is made by OptoFidelity, a company that specializes in testing automation.


Earlier we’ve seen Samsung and Apple performing bend tests on their devices but this is something more high-tech. In the video, you can see the response of the display relative to the finger-touch which is visible at a very low frame rate.

This bot performs the latency test for touch devices so that people at Google doesn’t need to test these devices manually. The Chrome TouchBot takes care of a vast range of devices and tests Android smartphones and tabs as well as the touch-sensitive Chromebook screens.

The source code of Chrome TouchBot is open source along with some latency tests to benefit everyone.

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