This Animator vs Animation Video Goes Viral and Worth Sharing

animator vs animation
animator vs animation

Short Bytes: Alan Becker’s video “Animator vs Animation IV” has gone viral and received over 5 million views just in a month. Alan is the owner of his own Youtube channel.

In this video, you will see how the sticky figure attacks his creator’s life. This is the fourth instalment of the Animator vs Animation series. Enjoy watching the video.

This video shows the struggle between a stick figure and its creator – a computer animator. The animator is shown in real life doing something in real life.

As soon as the animator leaves the room and goes out, the sick figure attacks the social life of the animator and hacks his Facebook account. He travels into his iPhone via USB cable and draws animations on his own to destroy his interface.

Alan Becker has also run a successful Kickstarter campaign to support himself and spread his art. If you like the video, don’t hesitate to share this awesome creation.

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