Google Uses Drake’s ‘Texts Go Green’ Song To Bash iMessage

Texts Go Green
Image: Apple

Apple and Google are two giants of the tech industry. With both having a reputation to maintain, you would not expect one to take a jab at the other publicly, and that too, through the Canadian rapper Drake.

Recently, Google has been putting ‘pressure’ on Apple openly to implement GSMA’s RCS messaging protocol. The search engine giant’s persuasion has involved everything, from Twitter threads to indirect digs at the I/O 2022.

Texts Go Green

Drake came out with his seventh studio album, ‘Honestly, Nevermind,’ which features a song about a toxic relationship. With the song ‘Texts Go Green,’ Google’s social media team did not waste time and immediately jumped on the opportunity to target Apple’s iMessage.

The song’s chorus is about what happens when an iPhone user blocks someone on iMessage, the service switches to SMS, and the individuals can no longer contact each other on iMessage. Hence, the text color turns from blue, for iMessage, to green (for SMS).

Google did not hold back in the video and said that the phenomenon of blue texts turning green is rough, not just for anyone who gets blocked but also for non-iPhone users. It continued that if only Apple had a ‘super talented engineering team’ which could fix it.

‘They just have to adopt RCS, actually,’ Google remarked, adding that it would also make messaging more secure.

What is RCS messaging?

Rich Communication Services, or RCS, is a messaging protocol intended to take over the old SMS on Android. It packs amazing features and provides a lot of facilities to users.

If Apple adopts RCS in the future, which seems unlikely no matter how many hints Google drops, it will lead to equality in messaging between Apple and Android users, with additional features like reading receipts, end-to-end encryption, typing indicators, etc.

It isn’t every day that you see two heavyweight corporations take shots at one another; hence social media users are enjoying the ‘subtle war’ between the two, and many are also waiting for Apple to release an answer to the video.

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