Ads In Discord Are Coming This Week: Can You Disable Them?

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While most of us associate Discord with gaming, the platform has also served as a hub for users to chat and connect. However, after years of remaining ad-free, recent reports have indicated that the company is planning to implement ads throughout the app.

But considering that the platform’s user base has been growing steadily for the past years, one might wonder about the reasoning behind this decision. Well, the short answer is money. Here is why.

Ads: The last option

Before we get into the details, it is important to understand the company’s revenue streams. After launching the app for free, Discord first introduced its Nitro subscription, which provided paying users with various perks and features, such as HD streaming, server boosts, and animated emojis, among others.

Despite its offerings, the Nitro subscription didn’t generate substantial revenue. As a result, the company introduced options like gifting subscriptions and a lighter version of the plan known as the Nitro Basic. While Nitro Basic reduced some perks, it retained features like server boosts, a 100MB file limit, and increased character caps.

However, after Discord’s long-standing position against ads, a report from the Wall Street Journal suggest they may soon become a reality on Discord. These ads will be tailored to the platform’s gaming audience, with plans to introduce a new “Sponsored Quests” section, which will offer users in-game rewards and other incentives for completing various challenges while streaming or playing the game. Furthermore, the increased hiring of sales professionals indicates that ads are becoming a permanent fixture.

Can you disable these ads?

Discord claims it will allow users to disable these ads through settings. However, this is unlikely to be straightforward. The company may lock this feature behind the Nitro subscription, driving revenue from the plan while also profiting from non-paying users. We’ll be surely updating you about the same as the feature rolls out next week.

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