New Google AI Is Helping People In Crisis, One Search At A Time

person telling his a serious query to google
Illustration: Fossbytes / Priye Rai

Google uses a new AI in its search engine that enables crisis-ridden people to find help. The MUM AI identifies people in crisis based on their search queries and shows them relevant and helpful results.

Due to the popularity of Google Search, many people resort to it when they need any advice or suggestions. Sometimes, they seek help regarding sensitive topics such as suicide, domestic abuse, mental health, and more. To better address such queries, Google is integrating MUM into its search engine.

The American tech giant revealed MUM AI back in 2021. Since then, the firm has been working on its implementation so that the search engine can understand human language better to provide an improved search experience.

As reported by The Verge, Google’s Anne Merritt has shed more light on MUM’s effectiveness in helping people in crisis. She said: “MUM can help us understand longer or more complex queries like “why did he attack me when I said I don’t love him.”

Merritt admitted that the search engine would struggle with this without an advanced AI such as MUM. She remarked, “… long, natural-language queries like these are difficult for our systems to understand …”

While MUM is helping out with personal crises, BERT is another AI resource that Google uses to evaluate searches for explicit content. About its experience with BERT, the company said that the AI model has “reduced unexpected shocking results by 30%.”

As artificial intelligence progresses, its applications will diversify and penetrate various crucial areas. Whether or not AI resources such as MUM will positively affect Google Search users is yet to be seen.

Besides revamping its search algorithms, Google is also working on consolidating its web browser. Check out the latest Chrome 100 update that significantly bolsters your browser’s security.

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