Google Finally Reveals Pixel Watch: Coming This Fall

Will it be yet another overpriced smartwatch?

Google Pixel Watch revealed
Image: Google

Google has finally revealed the Pixel Watch during the Google I/O 2022. The watch is slated to release this fall along with Google Pixel 7 series. It will be running Wear OS 3, which will include Fitbit fitness tracking and new Android experiences.

Unfortunately, the watch can only be paired with Android devices and is 4G-compatible. Google hasn’t confirmed the price for the watch just yet. However, they have stated that it would be a “premium product.” 

Google’s Pixel Watch

Google’s Pixel Watch is expected to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 8. So you can expect it to be in the same price range. Google didn’t share many details about the watch’s specs during the event.

It will require a phone running Android 8.0 or later to pair. Users can also expect a 4G cellular version of the Pixel Watch for standalone connectivity. The watch will function independently without being near a phone, but this will require a separate data plan.

Coming to the design, the watch has a bold circular design with a tactile crown and a side button. The display is completely bezel-less with stainless steel borders. Like most smartwatches, it also has customizable bands.

Software-wise, you can expect native Google apps support and Fitbit integration. This integration is the most significant collaboration between the two companies since Google acquired Fitbit for $2.1bn (£1.7bn) in 2019.

Other than the watch, Google also teased the Google Pixel 7, coming this fall, and a new Google Pixel Tablet, coming in 2023. You can read all about those devices in the linked articles.

Nalin Rawat

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