Google Pixel 5 Owners Report Gap Between Display And Frame

Pixel 5 gap screen body issue

Google recently launched the Pixel 5 at $699. Unlike the previous-generation Pixel 4, this year’s flagship from Google doesn’t come with overrated features and is, therefore, great value for money.

That being said, it’s still a Google Pixel and comes with its share of problems, like its predecessors. One big issue early Pixel 5 owners are reporting is gaps between the display and the frame.

According to user reports, the gap does not give a sneak peek of the internal hardware but is large enough to collect dust and water. This could very well compromise the IP68 rating and is, therefore, worrying users. The flaw is present even in the review unit with the folks working at Android Police.

Interestingly, users reported that the gap between the screen and the frame was from the start. In other words, it wasn’t the result of normal wear and tear, which could have been a serious concern.

This appears to be a hardware flaw that can be fixed with a replacement. However, one user said that his replacement had the same issue. Google has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

Pixel fans are not new to seeing hardware issues, which is one of many reasons people thought that Google hardware isn’t worthy of the $999 price tag. Previously, Google Pixel 3 and 3XL users reported swollen batteries and back pooping off.

Given Pixel 5 is yet to launch in certain markets and is already out of stock in others. It is difficult to say if it’s a widespread issue or a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, if you plan to buy Google Pixel 5, we would advise you to wait until Google fixes the issue.

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