Valorant New ‘Icebox’ Map To Arrive In ‘Competitive’ On October 27

Valorant New 'Icebox' Map To Arrive In 'Competitive' On October 27

In the Act 3 update, Valorant surprised everyone by releasing the brand new ‘Icebox‘ map. However, Valorant devs decided to keep ‘Icebox’ restricted to Deathmatch, Unrated, and Spike Rush game modes for a few days. That’s because instantly releasing an unfamiliar map in Competitive would have been unfair.

Nevertheless, it’s great news for someone who is ready to play ‘Icebox’ in ranked mode, because the snowy map is arriving in Competitive on October 27th.

Icebox is a beautiful map that is completely different from all other Valorant maps. The map offers an insane amount of open areas, which makes you an easy target.

Moreover, there are a lot of vertical spots in Icebox, so finding campers is insanely challenging. The map is also a playground for good Raze, Jett, and Omen players because of their vertical movements.

That’s why, to get players familiar with the new map, Valorant favored ‘Icebox’ in Unrated, Deathmatch, and Spike Rush game modes. However, through a Tweet, the developers confirmed that Icebox would release in Competitive game mode on October 27.

Other than that, Valorant also announced that “map selection rates on Unrated, Deathmatch, and Spike Rush modes will no longer favor Icebox.” So, if you still haven’t played ‘Icebox’ to your satisfaction, then it’s best to practice the map through Custom games.

Several Valorant enthusiasts aren’t happy that ‘Icebox’ is about to arrive in Ranked. That’s because the map is insanely difficult to learn, and players still haven’t explored enough of it. However, the possibility that Valorant will delay the launch of Icebox in Competitive is very low.

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